Thursday, March 8, 2012

Industrial Style

Something I've been noticing is that a lot of people are into the more industrial style these days. Where once we covered things up with sheetrock now we want brick and exposed columns, where once we upholstered chairs now we want just wood or metal seating, even our wrapping paper is no longer bright and shiny instead we want kraft paper, jute, and bakers twine. People are gravitating to more natural color palette with dashes of color in the art work or paint colors. This is a trend I am highly enjoying these days. . .

Unfinished table & metal barstools

Exposed Brick

Metal Chairs

Even lights are industrial looking these days

Showers with factory windows

Kitchen Pantry with metal shelves and baskets

Workspaces with a card catalog

Like I said even gift wrapping has become more industrious

Be proud of the place you call home.