Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Victorian era, Buckingham Palace

Perhaps some of you saw this movie. . .

If you haven't then you should watch it! It's all about Queen Victoria, the longest reigning female monarchy in the world. She also was the first monarch to live in Buckingham Palace. The large dwelling was created technically in the Georgian era, but wasn't finished until the Victorian era.

(Getty Images)

Queen Victoria added the Grand Ballroom, think of how many royalty have danced in that space!

Which has been updated over the years to a more monochromatic color scheme

So how can you achieve royal style in your home? Check out these examples below. . .

This Chandlier along with the neutral color palette is similar to the remodeled Ballroom.

This ornate gold mirror will stand out as a center piece especially found in a simple white space.

I usually tend towards more modern architecture styles, however if there was one room in your house you should feel like royalty it would be the bathroom.

Be proud of the place you call home.



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