Thursday, March 8, 2012

Industrial Style

Something I've been noticing is that a lot of people are into the more industrial style these days. Where once we covered things up with sheetrock now we want brick and exposed columns, where once we upholstered chairs now we want just wood or metal seating, even our wrapping paper is no longer bright and shiny instead we want kraft paper, jute, and bakers twine. People are gravitating to more natural color palette with dashes of color in the art work or paint colors. This is a trend I am highly enjoying these days. . .

Unfinished table & metal barstools

Exposed Brick

Metal Chairs

Even lights are industrial looking these days

Showers with factory windows

Kitchen Pantry with metal shelves and baskets

Workspaces with a card catalog

Like I said even gift wrapping has become more industrious

Be proud of the place you call home.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mid -Century Modern, Eames Lounge Chair

If there was one piece of furniture I would spend a fortune on it would be the Eames Lounge Chair (with Ottoman).

(Herman Miller)

Here it is in real homes. . .

(New York Market)

(Verdigris Vie)

(Elle Decor)

It's like the most beautiful barcalounger ever- if dad's across the US only knew how comfortable it truly is they would exchange their laz-e-you-know-what for this.

Because sometimes you can have equal parts form & function.

Be proud of the place you call home. . .


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Fever

So yesterday I was in Target and realized that they had started to display their outdoor/ garden products. Now I am particularly excited this year to garden-- One because we just moved into our first house in the fall, and two this winter has been unseasonable warm in Minnesota we can actually start to taste spring and it's only February! After about an hour of putting items in my cart and then shaking my head and putting them back on the shelf (realizing I might make a hasty decision) I decided that I need to do a bit more planning before indulging in the following items:

Garden Boots

Globe Lights

(For something like this with our backyard:)

And Lastly:
Herb Markers

So in the meantime I am searching for great outdoor space images like these:


Good things come to those who plan!!

Be proud of the place you call home.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Victorian era, Buckingham Palace

Perhaps some of you saw this movie. . .

If you haven't then you should watch it! It's all about Queen Victoria, the longest reigning female monarchy in the world. She also was the first monarch to live in Buckingham Palace. The large dwelling was created technically in the Georgian era, but wasn't finished until the Victorian era.

(Getty Images)

Queen Victoria added the Grand Ballroom, think of how many royalty have danced in that space!

Which has been updated over the years to a more monochromatic color scheme

So how can you achieve royal style in your home? Check out these examples below. . .

This Chandlier along with the neutral color palette is similar to the remodeled Ballroom.

This ornate gold mirror will stand out as a center piece especially found in a simple white space.

I usually tend towards more modern architecture styles, however if there was one room in your house you should feel like royalty it would be the bathroom.

Be proud of the place you call home.



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presidents Weekend

A little retreat up in Madeline Island this weekend:

We filled this barn with friends, books, (great!) food, hiking, and conversation.

Be proud of the place you call home.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Mid-Century Modern, Eero Saarinen

This is my favorite time period so many classic designs come from Mid-Century Modern (1933-65). Today I will be highlighting the famous designer Eero Saarinen, a finnish architect and industrial designer. Below are some of his popular furniture designs. . .

The Womb Chair

The Tulip Chair

The Round Dinning Table

The Tulip & Round Table in a Real Space

The Executive Chair

Executive in a Real Space

And The Grasshopper (my personal favorite name)

The Grasshopper in a Real Space

Some of these designs are almost 60 years old and yet they still are ahead of its time. I like to show them in real spaces so that you can see that these pieces can be put in rustic, traditional, or modern rooms.

Be proud of the place you call home.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kilim Rugs

Alright anyone else finding images like this:


And wanting to find some navajo inspired rugs? Me too, below are a few I found that are available at a range of different prices. . .


(Pottery Barn)



(World of Rugs)


I really love that some of these rugs have a bold print while others have a more subtle/worn look.

Be proud of the place you call home,