Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Fever

So yesterday I was in Target and realized that they had started to display their outdoor/ garden products. Now I am particularly excited this year to garden-- One because we just moved into our first house in the fall, and two this winter has been unseasonable warm in Minnesota we can actually start to taste spring and it's only February! After about an hour of putting items in my cart and then shaking my head and putting them back on the shelf (realizing I might make a hasty decision) I decided that I need to do a bit more planning before indulging in the following items:

Garden Boots

Globe Lights

(For something like this with our backyard:)

And Lastly:
Herb Markers

So in the meantime I am searching for great outdoor space images like these:


Good things come to those who plan!!

Be proud of the place you call home.


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  1. ummm...can I say, I just love those boots & may have a matching pair soon! Also, love all your inspirations.